Guernsey Aircraft Registry welcome Light Aircraft

Guernsey Aircraft Registry welcome Light Aircraft

Recently Guernsey's aircraft Register announced changes to the rules on the registration of light aircraft (aircraft weighing less than 5700kg).  

Previously in order to register an light aircraft on the Guernsey register, you needed to be either an individual living in Guernsey or a business registered there.  The rules have now changed by the use of a Resident Agent based in Guernsey, where they act as your representative in Guernsey as well as providing a registered address.

The use of 2-Reg is already well known.  At 2-Reg , they take a different approach to registration than perhaps you are used to from other Civil Aviation Authorities.  they are proactive, and committed to cutting through the layers of bureaucracy that can slow down a registration process, offering a friendly and professional service.

They are also flexible about the process of registration, importation and VAT having to take place in the same jurisdiction.

The benefits of Guernsey include, zero VAT, no Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and potential savings on crew costs through Guernsey's offshore status and neither being a part of the UK or the EU.

So if you want 2-WISH for a more understanding regulator, contact us here at Bachmann's as it will be 2-NICE to discuss your needs and let us see how we can assist you.

For further information contact the aviation team here at Bachmann

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