Marine Services: Why Choose Bachmann Group?

Living on a planet that is mostly covered by oceans, it's no surprise that there are millions of sailing vessels around. Catering to the practical needs of such vessels is therefore big business and a quick search online will yield thousands of providers of yachting and commercial shipping services.


So why should you choose Bachmann Group above any of these providers. Here are just four of the countless reasons...

  • Independent and In-House. Based in Guernsey, one of the UK's Channel Islands, Bachmann Group is located right in the centre of Europe. While we and our customers enjoy the practical benefits this brings, our location means that we remain independent of both the UK and the EU, giving us greater freedom to provide our services. As all of our work is carried out in-house, it is fully and immediately traceable and accountable, monitored at every step to ensure 100% consistent quality
  • Competitive Costs. As a large, well-respected company, we have superior purchasing and cost-establishing powers. The savings we thus make are passed directly on to our clients, allowing us to provide some of the most competitive rates in the business, without having to make any compromises on quality whatsoever
  • Experience , Evolution and Expertise. Established more than 40 years ago, Bachmann Group has unmatched experience, which is enhanced by our daily working practice. Over these four decades, our company has continued to grow and evolve, gaining more knowledge, contacts and expertise that allow us to continuously improve our level and scope of service
  • Specialised Service. There are many varied roles within our industry and we only hire the most carefully-chosen experts to ensure that specialist attention is always delivered as is relevant

Find out more about our services on the website and get in touch with our team for more detailed information.

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