Up, Up and Away! Aviation Services from Bachmann

Though our work focuses primarily on marine services, aviation also has an important part to play. As a multi-national business, aviation necessitates aircrew operating from different bases globally, a fact that often creates complications when it comes to payroll.


Aviation involves managing numerous logistics to ensure that both people and freight arrive safely at their intended locations. Managing such complex and varied processes means that thousands of people are employed in aviation and aircrew in particular have salaries that consist of several components.

Our well-developed, constantly-evolving and -improving working practices, combined with stat-of-the-art software usage, can benefit the aviation industry in the same way that they benefit those involved in the marine industry. Aviation clients receive exactly the same close, careful attention, meaning that all aspects of offshore payroll and employment can be safely entrusted to our team.

Offshore Employment

Bachmann Group is based in Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands. At the heart of Europe yet less than a single hour's flying time from London, Guernsey is outside of EU jurisdiction, allowing us to develop structures that deliver substantial employment-related cost savings to our clients.

Offshore Payroll

We utilise up to five different payroll software systems, two of which have received critical recognition in the form of National Payroll Awards. By treating each client on an individual basis, we are able to then tailor the most suitable software to exactly meet their unique requirements.< /p>

Find out more about our aviation services on the website and, for more detailed informtion and advice, call our expert customer service team.

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