New Rules Allow Anyone to Register Light Aircraft in Guernsey!

One of the key qualities of Bachmann Group that has allowed us to thrive for nearly 50 years is our continued commitment to the growth, development and evolution of our company. In recent years, one aspect of this has been the extension of our services from the maritime sector into the dynamic world of aviation. 

Combining our vast wealth of experience and knowledge with investments in the latest technologies, Bachmann Group is now able to provide a range services to aviation clients with the same impeccable levels of quality, confidence and reliability that have cemented our impressive reputation in the maritime industries. 

For several years, Bachmann Group has been working in close collaboration with 2-REG, the Guernsey Aircraft Registry (GAR). 2-REG is renowned for being a proactive organisation which aims to help clients cut cleanly through the bureaucracy and red-tape that is notorious for making the registration process a slow and tedious affair. 

2-REG is an organisation that shares our commitment to growth and evolution; one of the most recent examples of this ongoing development is a fundamental change to the rules that apply to the registration of light aircraft (defined as weighing less than 5,700kg) on the register. 

Before the recent change, registering a light aircraft on the Guernsey register required that the aircraft's owner either lived in or had a business registered in Guernsey itself. The updated rules now permit individuals and businesses to work with a Guernsey-based Resident Agent which acts as an official representative, providing a registered address as well as handling all communications and legal matters related to the aircraft's operation. 

Headquartered here in Guernsey as we have been since our company was founded nearly five decades ago, Bachmann Group is ideally placed to act as this Resident Agent for owners and operators of light aircraft. There are numerous benefits associated with registration in Guernsey, notably the massive potential cost savings that arise from the island's offshore status. Guernsey is not part of either the EU or the UK, meaning that there is no VAT or IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) to pay. In addition, there are also huge savings to be made in terms of crew costs with Bachmann Group acting as a Resident Agent. 

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