Our Superlative Array of Port Services

Official estimates from the authoritative International Chamber of Shipping suggest that seagoing vessels facilitate a huge 90% of all global trade. When the number of private boats and ships are also taken into account and added to this figure, the sheer size, business and complexity of ports comes as no surprise.

The requirements of every ocean vessel are met by ports, which must carefully balance a vast number of disparate yet inextricably-linked logistics in order to operate in a safe and efficient manner. This balancing act, carried out by well-trained and highly-skilled employees, takes place at every hour of every day all over the world. 

Those who are charged with sourcing and integrating such employees, a process that is extremely time-consuming and fraught with potential issues, carry a heavy burden of responsibility. This workload can be lightened to an infinite degree by Bachmann Group, which is a highly-renowned provider of services, including port services, to the maritime industry. 

With roots dating back nearly five decades to 1974, Bachmann Group has continued to expand and diversify to meet the requirements of an ever-growing array of different sectors. Since 2006, our suite of reliable marine solutions has included port services; the methods and processes we use to provide these has been directly informed by our considerable experience in the wider field of recruitment and employee management.

Bachmann Group maintains a large and constantly-expanding database of potential employees, from which we select the most suitable for any given role. Shortlisted applicants are then screened and interviewed, with only the best being selected for recruitment. Successful applicants are often supplied to ports on a permanent basis though we also specialise in the provision of temporary employees, seamlessly assimilating them into established team structures.  

Though there are innumerable roles within any port, some of the most common ones for which we can provide employees include:

  • Managers
  • Operators of cranes and container-handling equipment
  • Operators and supervisors of lock gates
  • Berthing controllers
  • Stevedores
  • Baggage handlers

This list is far from being exhaustive and Bachmann Group's willingness and unmatched ability to work closely with each individual client on a bespoke basis allows us to meet any unique requirement. 

Full details of our comprehensive range of port services can be found on our website and our team can be contacted directly if you have any further questions. As we draw ever closer to our fiftieth anniversary, we will be publishing a series of special articles in our blog so please subscribe to our regular email newsletter to make sure you don't miss out! You are also invited to follow us on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn

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