Offshore Payroll Management: Our Specialist Service

For any company, whatever its operations are concerned with, managing payroll is one of the most complex and challenging tasks that requires significant resources be dedicated to it. These complexities and challenges are magnified greatly in the offshore industries but Bachmann Group are able to carry out all of the work on your behalf in an authoritative, reliable and extremely cost-effective manner, freeing up your resources and streamlining the operation of your business. 

The number of offshore industries is large but making up a significant proportion of these are the companies involved in world trade and the production of oil and gas. These sectors together ensure that countries across the globe have the power they need to produce goods and the facility to transport them to wherever they are needed. 

Through our numerous client companies, the Bachmann Groups offshore payroll management team are responsible for the regular management of more than 2,500 employees working in diverse roles across the vast oil and gas sector. In addition, we manage close to 1,000 employees involved with protecting trade shipments that pass through dangerous locations affected by the nefarious activities of modern pirates. 

There are many factors that make payroll management such a difficult process within the offshore industries, such as the workforce having an exceptionally-high level of mobility and the global nature of exploration, production and processing of crucial resources like oil and gas. In addition, the rules relating to things like taxation vary widely from country to country (not to mention the need to work in an extensive array of different currencies), adding further levels of complexity to the payroll process. 

Clients who choose our specialist offshore payroll management service know that they can rely on us to calculate wages and, after making appropriate deductions, ensure that these wages are promptly paid in any currency to the employee's bank account. We offer our services to clients all over the world, including key locations like the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Indonesia and Australia. Our services enable operators to focus their time and resources more efficiently on maximising their production potential while simultaneously minimising the interference and disruption that can arise from crewing issues.  

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