Payroll Management: Aviation, Marine & All In Between!

One of the key qualities that has helped Bachmann Group to become successful is the willingness, drive and ability to diversify. From our humble beginnings nearly fifty years ago, at which time we offered a small selection of services to the yachting sector, we have continued to grow and evolve.

Today, Bachmann Group is proud to be a recognised leader in the provision of numerous services to the maritime and aviation industries, along with several other sectors. From personnel management to offshore employment and from corporate ownership to consultancy and fiduciary services, Bachmann Group is a one-stop-shop for everything your business needs. 

Another service we excel at providing is that of payroll management, which delivers a plethora of benefits and advantages to our clients. Managing payroll effectively requires great accuracy at every stage; carrying out the various processes is thus a complex and time-consuming task. It is easy to make mistakes and, though errors can and do happen all the time, they are not treated lightly by the authorities and hefty fines are regularly imposed on businesses. 

In addition to this obvious financial impact, mismanaging payroll can result in other, more insidious costs. Staff who are not paid correctly and/or on time can suffer greatly and, if the mistake is anything other than a one-off, employees quickly lose faith in their company. This manifests as a loss of loyalty which at best can demotivate employees from carrying out their jobs properly and at worst can result in them leaving the company altogether. Costs then quickly add up as the company has to find and retrain new staff members, while simultaneously working to repair the damage done to its reputation. 

Our payroll management services combine Bachmann Group's considerable HR expertise with our MultiWage payroll system. We are proud to be a BACS-approved payroll bureau (in fact, we were the first payroll bureau in Guernsey to be awarded BACS approval) as this accreditation demonstrates the superlative levels of confidentiality and security we maintain at all times. 

Our payroll management team is made up of talented, dedicated and knowledgeable employees who receive regular training to ensure that they are fully conversant with the latest tax regulations; this avoids businesses having the aforementioned fines imposed upon them. To facilitate their work, the team utilises numerous cutting-edge payroll software systems, several of which have won plaudits at the UK National Payroll Awards. 

At the head of the team is Corrina McCarthy, who has been our Payroll Manager since 2018. Her career with Bachmann Group began more than 20 years ago when,  soon after leaving full-time education, she was employed within our busy administration department. Quickly establishing herself as a skilled and efficient multi-tasker, Corrina quickly progressed within our company. Supported by a close-knit team of Personnel Administrators, her current position as Payroll Manager involves assuming responsibility for all of our payroll clients, along with taking care of the more than 20,000 crew members on our database.

Whatever the size, function and location of your business, Bachmann Group can save you time, resources and money by providing you with our payroll management services. To find out more, please browse our website and then get in touch with our customer service team to discuss your unique requirements.

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