Recruitment and Employee Management: We Really CAN Get You The Staff!

"You just can't get the staff!"

If you have never said the above phrase yourself, you have certainly heard it said by someone else. In almost every situation in which it is uttered, it is done so with tongue firmly in cheek; a sarcastic yet humorous response to a mistake by an employee.

Like every phrase, proverb or witticism that exists in the English language, there is a grain of truth behind the seemingly-lighthearted comment about staff and not being able to get them. Worryingly, a large and growing number of employers are finding that they really can't get the staff! Or at least, not those staff members who are correctly trained, properly qualified and in possession of excellent references, along with whatever qualities are salient to the particular role.

One of the many services expertly provided by Bachmann Group covers the complex and demanding field of recruitment but this is only the beginning. In addition to actually helping employers to recruit the ideal staff members, our service extends across the board, encompassing numerous other aspects including training, certification, scheduling, travel arrangements, payroll management, employment issues and more.

The Bachmann Recruitment arm of our multi-faceted organisation was first introduced over two decades ago back in 2002. At the present time, our database of shore-based and seafaring candidates numbers more than 20,000 individuals located all over the planet; it is from this massive selection of potential employees that we shortlist, verify the credentials of and then interview suitable candidates, before placing the successful applicant(s) in their new place of employment: YOUR business.

After the new employee has been successfully placed in your company, the Total Crew Management service from Bachmann Recruitment kicks into a new gear. Our leading payroll management service, delivered in conjunction with Multiwage, ensures that all aspects of this potentially-problematic process (such as National Insurance, tax regulations and IR49) are kept in order. 

In any business and with any employee, even when every possible precaution has been taken, issues can still arise. If they do, then Bachmann Recruitment is there by your side to deal with them in an authoritative yet understanding manner. Such issues can include (but are not limited to) disciplinary and grievance procedures, resignations, promotions, appraisals, redundancies and union negotiations. 

Please browse the Bachmann Group website to find out full details about the many different elements that together comprise our recruitment and crew management service. If you need further advice or information, please get in touch with our dedicated customer service team. 

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