Payroll Management: Choose the Best, Choose BachmannHR Group!

Though managing payroll is obviously a crucial task for any company, it is also one that takes up a significant proportion of time and resources due to the myriad logistics, pressing deadlines and total accuracy that is required to perform the task effectively. It should therefore come as no surprise at all to learn that an ever-growing number of companies are choosing to outsource their payroll management duties.

Payroll Management

As more and more businesses choose this option, there has naturally been a corresponding increase in the number of companies providing payroll management services. The marketplace has thus become ultra-competitive but there are several reasons that BachmannHR Group stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Here are just four of them...

  • To begin with, BachmannHR Group has the benefit of extensive experience, having been working successfully in the marine industry for over 45 years. Over this time, we have proven time and time again that our payroll management and other services are second-to-none and our reputation for excellence across the board is unmatched. It is no exaggeration that BachmannHR Group is recognised as a standard-setter in the complex and demanding field of payroll management. 
  • BachmannHR Group operates on a global platform, providing our comprehensive suite of services to organisations all around the world. In the UK alone, we are responsible for the effective management of over 100 different payrolls. Our client portfolio grows all the time as more and more companies learn of our proven track record of success. Every one of our clients knows that BachmannHR Group is a name to trust.
  • For more than two decades, BachmannHR Group has been a BACS-approved payroll bureau. Comprising 16 of the leading financial institutions in the UK, BACS only gives approval to payroll bureaus that constantly and consistently demonstrate their dedication to excellent service. Regular, thorough audits are carried out by BACS to ensure that our standards remain at a high enough level to meet its stringent approval criteria.
  • BachmannHR Group is headquartered in the Channel Island of Guernsey, a location that is completely independent of the UK and the EU. Being located here in the very heart of Europe allows us to deliver an array of benefits and advantages to our clients, not least of which is the omission of VAT from our invoices.

We would like to invite you to browse the BachmannHR Group website to find out more details about our payroll management services, along with the many other services we provide to the maritime industries. For further information or advice, please get in touch with a member of our team directly.

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