Safe, Secure & Successful Payroll Management

The commercial shipping trade is a complex one, with many different elements that need careful management to ensure seamless, reliable efficiency. One especially-difficult aspect is payroll management, which involves intricate, time-consuming work that must always be carried out with 100% accuracy: taking on this daunting role and delivering consistent success is a Bachmann Group speciality.

Safe, Secure & Successful Payroll Management

The comprehensive payroll management service that Bachmann Group regularly delivers to its clients is the result of close teamwork, something which our intelligent team members have turned into an art. Responsible for operating award-winning payroll software that is tailor-made to respond to the individual needs of each client, the team process many thousands of payroll events, handling over £800 MILLION every year.

When applicable, it is possible to include FX transfer options as part of the Bachmann Group payroll management service. In conjunction with our unique payroll systems, this allows our team to offer highly-beneficial rates to seafaring staff: in fact, these exclusive rates are recognised as some of the best that can possibly be obtained.  The service is designed to comply rigidly with MLC specifications and can provide as many as nine social security chapters, in addition to organising benefits to the families of marine crew members.

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