Yachting Industry: 3 Top Trends for Tomorrow...

The yachting industry is one of the fastest-developing and most-advanced in the world. Every year, the number of yachts built continues to grow, with each new generation more cutting-edge than the last. Here we look at three of the biggest trends and developments that are predicted to influence the yacht industry over the coming months and years...

Yachting Industry: 3 Top Trends for Tomorrow...

3D Printing

In October last year, the boat '3Dirigo' (weighing well over 2,250kg) became the world's largest object to be 3D printed: and of course, it had to be printed on the world's largest 3D printer!  The feat was achieved by staff at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center of Maine University, who waited an agonising 72 hours for the mammoth printing job to be completed. As 3D printing becomes less expensive and more available, we can expect to see 3D-printed yacht components becoming commonplace.

New Destinations

Technologies such as satellite navigation, online maps, social media and digital photography have made the world smaller: once-popular destinations can seem boringly familiar to us, even if we have never been there. This has led to people becoming more interested in discovering new places, heading off the proverbial beaten track and embracing the unknown. Yachts are perfect for such adventurous discovery.

Yacht Management

Decreasing operational costs while improving efficiency, yacht management allows owners to really enjoy their vessel, without having to worry about things like complex legislation, tax & VAT liabilities, crew employment & payroll, security, registration and international law. As the need for professional and reliable bespoke yacht management services increases, Bachmann Group will be here to take care of all the hard work.

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