World-Class Fiduciary Services

Under licence from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, Bachmann Group provide a number of fiduciary services, primarily focusing on corporate management and company administration. Though time consuming and complex, company administration must be carried out thoroughly and accurately: the Bachmann Group team is here to ensure that all of this difficult but essential work is taken off your hands.

World-Class Fiduciary Services

The administrative requirements of any given company vary widely depending on the domicile of the corporate structure. Guernsey, the location of Bachmann Group's headquarters, is one of the most popular jurisdictions to incorporate a company in due to the many benefits this entails. That said, Bachmann Group are able to provide our fiduciary services whichever jurisdiction your company may be incorporated in.

In 2008, the Guernsey Companies Law was introduced, immediately setting a benchmark for excellence for competitor jurisdictions: the law quickly became recognised as among the best in the world. Changing forever the way people and businesses think about company administration, the Guernsey Companies Law has dramatically streamlined the incorporation process for the registration of companies.

It is simpler and faster to incorporate a Guernsey company as compared to allother juris­­dic­­tions. Some organisations are eligible for incorporation within just 15 minutes (the world-class standard) while fast-track incor­pora­tion takes just two hours. Most other incor­­pora­­tions can be completed in a single day and the old, paper-based annual returns service has been replaced with electronic validation online.

Find out more about company admi­­nis­­tra­­tion and other fiduciary services from Bachmann Group on our website.

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