Yacht Crew must watch US Health Rules

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Following the introduction of Obamacare or the correctly titled Affordable Care Act in the United States a warning needs to be flagged for Superyacht crew working in US waters.

Crew, owners and managers need to be aware of the tighter guidelines regarding time spenat inside and out of US waters.  Insurance underwriters usually require a yacht to spend six months outside the US in a 12 month period, however recently the Superyacht Insurance Group (SYIG) said the sector is facing increased insurance difficulties when yachts do not leave the US for extended periods of time.

A recent case described by the SYIG as "challenging" involved a US registered yacht with 10 US citizen crew on board.  The yacht made occasional trips to the Bahamas and back.  However the crew dont qualify for international health plans typically offered to yacht crew as they spend less than 6 months outside the US.  The alternative of US domestic insurers providing cover is proving very difficult as the crew members hail from different States.

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