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Yachting Destinations: A Sail on the Wild Side

Planet Earth abounds with beautiful places to visit and some of the most spectacular locations are best appreciated from the comfort, luxury and privacy of a yacht. Over the past few weeks, our blog has featured articles focusing on the best places to sail to and here we continue with three more exciting locations on Earth...

Alaska's Southern Coast

The picturesque shores of the southern Alaskan coastlines are unmatched in wild natural beauty, making this location a real winner for those with a spirit of adventure. Weather here can often be harsh so it's best to pick the summer months for your visit, when you will also have the best chance of spotting orca whales, bears and eagles.

Alaska's Southern Coast

French Polynesia

Everything you associate with a tropical paradise is right here in French Polynesia: beaches of pure white sand, massive and diversely-populated coral reefs, thousands of atolls, clear lagoons and of course the warm, richly-blue waters of the South Pacific ocean. One of the most remote locations on the planet, French Polynesia is located tens of thousands of kilometres from Europe and the Americas so you're in for a long journey: believe us, you won't regret it.

French Polynesia

Bay of Islands and Fjords, New Zealand – Bay Of Islands and fjords

The North Island is home to the world-famous Bay of Islands, widely agreed to be the most pristine and beautiful point in the southern hemisphere. Steep mountains and mirror-like waters characterise the South Island, which is dotted with vast fjords of indescribable beauty.

Bay of Islands and Fjords

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