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Yachting Record-Breakers!

Yachts, along with the people that sail them, are always setting new records around the world. We took an exciting trip through the Guinness Book of World Records to discover some of these record-breakers and we share them with you in this article...

Yachting Record-Breakers!

  • Longest Non-Stop Solo Yachting Race: the holder of this record is the Vendée Globe Challenge, a race that was first held back in 1989. With both its start and end points located in Les Sables d'Olonne in France, the race welcomes boats of between 50ft and 60ft (15m and 18m) which must be sailed single-handed for the gruelling 41,652km of its length. 
  • Longest Sloop: a sloop is a single-masted yacht and the world's longest such vessel is the Mirabella V. At a massive 246.7ft (75.2m), the composite-hulled ship weighs 150 tons and was built in Southampton, UK. Mirabella V was launched in November of 2003 and also holds the record for tallest mast at 295ft (90m).
  • Most Yachts in an Inland Race: Lake Deneys Yacht Club in South Africa is the location of this record, which saw no less than 389 vessels finish the Sanlam Round the Island race in 2007.
  • Most Consecutive Olympic Gold Medals: the record stands at four consecutive medals, which was achieved by Paul Bert Elvstrom from Denmark. Elvstrom won these medals between 1948 and 1960 in the field of monotype yachting
  • Fastest Time to Sail Around GB and Ireland (40ft and under): along with crew members Julien Pulvé, Pablo Santurdé and Sam Matson, skipper Phil Sharp completed the 1,773 mile route in  days, 4 hours, 14 minutes and 49 seconds. 
  • Furthest Distance Sailed by RC Yacht in 24 Hours: a yacht on a much smaller scale (just 6ft 6in long) sailed a distance of almost 100 miles from Italy to Corsica, piloted by Claudio Vigada-Filiberto

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