Bachmann Group calls for creation of Guernsey Maritime Cluster

The Bachmann Group calls for creation of Guernsey Maritime Cluster

Mr Nick Saul, the CEO of Bachmann Group, a marine specialist group based in Guernsey, has called for expressions of interest from companies with involvement in the maritime industry to join together to form an effective maritime cluster. Its purpose is to promote the expertise and wealth of business knowledge based in Guernsey to the global maritime industry. 

Mr Saul said “There is limited public awareness of the importance of the maritime sector and the opportunities available to Guernsey for sustainable development, it already employs a significant number of people on the island and a income stream.  For example, a study has found that 4.78 million people are directly employed in the maritime sector in Europe. That's 2.25% of total European employment. This generates £158.3 billion pounds of revenue.”

“I can see that a Guernsey Maritime Cluster can promote existing businesses on the island and bring new businesses to it. The Maritime Cluster can be a platform to exchange best practices and encourage co-operation between members. A past pan-European study has shown that for every Euro direct added value generated by maritime, 0.59 Euro indirect value added was also realised. Guernsey could benefit from both direct and indirect revenue streams with concerted effort and political will”.

For further information about the Guernsey Maritime Cluster or for those interested in joining, please contact Nick Saul at Contact Bachmann guernsey

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