By Land, Sea or Air


‘Get there by Land, Sea or Air’ sounds like rather a grand way to present your company to the world, but it’s just the simple reality of our work here at Bachmann Group. And as it’s often by all three, we’ve no time for airs and graces; we just keep at our job of ensuring you and your mode(s) of transport are safe, reliable and always on the move.

Ever since human beings developed our unique consciousness and ability to use tools, powered flight has been on our minds. Our distant ancestors would have watched in amazement as birds and insects ruled the skies, seemingly navigating and maneuvering effortlessly. They soon found out that flying is ALL about effort when no amount of arm flapping got them off the ground.

Flapping gripped the minds of wannabe pilots for a very long time; after all, that was how all the other creatures managed. It wasn’t until 1903 that a powered aeroplane actually flew at all (even if those faltering first flights peaked at a speed of just 27 mph and a top altitude of 10 ft) and there wasn’t another word said about flapping after that!

When the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, made those powered flights, they were setting the stage for what has become a worldwide industry, crucial to the way we all live: Aviation. People and products are sent to and from bases and airports everywhere in the world, 24 hours a day and the logistics involved with making this happen smoothly are obviously extremely complex and the aviation industry employs thousands of skilled staff to make it all happen.

Paying aircrew can be a complicated matter, as salaries for these employees comprise a number of different components. For two and a half decades, Bachmann Group have been developing and improving our offshore payroll and employment  processes and this experience, combined with the most contemporary software, means that we can offer a completely reliable, totally professional and client-centred experience to aviation clients.

Find out more about how we can deliver a pay structure that allows our clients to make substantial employment cost savings: call our expert customer service team now.

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