Danger, Danger! High Voltage!

As anyone with even the most basic knowledge of science will know, electricity and water are not a good mix. So, when it comes to maintaining and repairing electrical systems and equipment on board a seagoing vessel, it is vital that the most comprehensive training and education is given to those involved.

Bachmann Group offer a full complement of training services, including those required to educate crew about electrical matters. We are constantly updating our training packages to ensure that the most relevant and modern aspects are comprehensively covered. This results in confident, reliable crew members who are able to maintain safe service whatever vessel they’re working on.

A current (no pun intended!) focus is on high-voltage electrical training. As mentioned above, water and electricity are two elements that do not mix well, creating a dangerous potential that must be fully understood by any person working with them. As the voltage increases, so does the danger of injury and death, along with an increased risk of system failures and fires; this means that training to work with high-voltage systems is of crucial importance.

Bachmann Group’s high-voltage electrical training is recognised as being among the best available and this fact is confirmed by the reputation of the companies that we deliver it to, such as the blue-chip companies MTU and GE Aviation. The skills we pass on to the staff of such companies are used all over the world, protecting lives and property in the most efficient way.

High-voltage electrical systems are just one of the many types of training courses that we deliver. The benefits of all training courses here at Bachmann Group are many and include:

Bespoke options that make each course individually suited to the job

In-house course creation and delivery that your competitors cannot access or match

Onsite course delivery to save you time and money

Flexibility that ensures you get the training you need at the time you need it, including weekend and evening course delivery both in the UK and beyond

Extremely competitive rates that get even better for multiple course bookings

Browse our list of courses and get in touch to find out how we can tailor them to your needs.

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