Commercial Shipping: The Backbone of Global Trade

Commercial Shipping: The Backbone of Global Trade

According to figures compiled and released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), around 80% of trade is facilitated by commercial shipping. All of the things needed to facilitate and sustain the modern economy — from fuel and food to construction materials and manufactured goods — rely on this vital sector. 

The operation of commercial ships and the employment of the necessary sea- and shore-based staff involves careful management and balancing of a host of complex, inter-related logistics. Bachmann Group is able to offer a complete bespoke service to the owners and operators of commercial vessels, looking after each and every aspect with care, consideration and dedication. 

Founded in 1974, Bachmann Group originally offered services within the yachting sector. Quickly gaining a reputation for quality and reliability, we continued to build on our immediate success and began extending our operations into the wider marine industry. Today, Bachmann Group is extremely proud to be the largest marine employment specialist in Europe.

Our own extensive resources are enhanced by our longstanding associations with a number of high-profile organisations such as the British Marine Federation. We have also been a member of the prestigious UK Chamber of Shipping for more than 15 years. Representing more than 200 member companies all over the world, the chamber is known as 'the voice of the UK shipping industry'. 

The commercial shipping services we provide, including offshore employment, HR and payroll management, are delivered within the scope of our ISO 9001 certification. This demonstrates that we have highly-effective systems and processes in place that ensure our services are efficient, reliable and consistent. We work in strict compliance with all MLC and ISM guidelines. 

Bachmann Group was established on the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey, where our headquarters remain located to this day. Independent of the UK and EU, Guernsey enjoys ideal placement that allows us to deliver gold-standard commercial shipping services on a global scale. 

As with all of the services offered by Bachmann Group, we enable our commercial shipping clients to enjoy the benefits of a bespoke package, created by our team on an individual basis. The services are divided into six primary categories: total crew management, provision of temporary seafarers, payroll management, recruitment, consultancy and ship management. 

Please browse our website for further details and do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss the unique requirements of your operation. To receive the latest news and updates from Bachmann Group, please subscribe to our regular newsletter.

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