Marine Travel: Flexible Flights & Fantastic Fares!

Marine Travel: Flexible Flights & Fantastic Fares!

As the maritime industry operates on a global scale, those working within its various sectors are often required to travel to locations all over the world. As part of Bachmann Group's comprehensive, standard-setting suite of services, we offer bespoke travel solutions at extremely competitive prices.

There are many reasons why staff working in the marine industry may need to travel. Shore-based workers are often required to attend meetings or travel on other marine-related business, while crew members may need to travel to or from the vessel on which they are assigned to. The introduction of MLC requires that crew members are given regular periods of leave and also that they be repatriated when their contract expires. This applies to crew members regardless of the type of vessel they work on, from oil rigs and cruise ships to dredgers, freighters and both private and commercial yachts.

The specialist marine travel service provided by Bachmann Group is designed to keep operator costs to an absolute minimum by arranging special travel rates for anyone working in the marine industries. We organise the provision of fully-refundable and highly-flexible marine travel tickets, ensuring that last-minute cancellations and delays do not cause problems.

We are able to reliably provide this service thanks to our longstanding professional affiliation with Polaris Travels, the sister company of Polaris Maritime Services that was founded over three decades ago in 1991. In common with Bachmann Group, Polaris Travels has extensive experience in the marine and offshore industries and we are proud to work in collaboration with the company. 

Qualifying for these hugely-reduced marine fares requires that one of the following documents is provided to the Bachmann Group travel team:

  • A vessel identification card
  • A discharge book
  • A transfer paper or work order
  • A letter of employment that includes full details of the vessel
  • A joining letter (for spouses/­siblings)

For more details about marine travel services from Bachmann Group, please browse our website or get in touch with a member of our team.

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