Crew Payroll Guernsey: The Professional Choice

One of Bachmann Group's key areas of expertise is in the professional management of crew payroll. This aspect of commercial shipping is notoriously complex and problematic but Bachmann Group deliver a comprehensive, reliable service tailored exactly to bespoke client requirements. This takes all the hard work out of payroll management, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your core business.


The payroll team at Bachmann Group has been cherry-picked from the most talented, knowledgeable and dedicated professional specialists available. Responsible for managing payrolls of varying frequencies (even those based on the lunar calendar!), the team work closely together to deliver a smooth, streamlined experience.

It is only fitting that the best payroll management team utilise the best payroll management software. We use a range of award-winning payroll software systems to handle payments that, in total, add up to over US$1bn every year. Though this figure is stated in US dollars, we actually operate payrolls in many national currencies including euros, kroner, rand and sterling.

Where applicable, our payroll service encompasses FX transfers. Combined with our unique in-house systems, this allows us to provide some of the most beneficial rates to seafarers. Fully MLC-compliant, our company offers any of nine social security chapters irrespective of crew nationality/­domicile and vessel flag.

For more information relating to crew payroll Guernsey, check our website or contact a member of our dedicated customer service team.

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