Yacht Building: New & Emerging Trends

Like all other forms of design, yacht design is in a constant process of development and evolution. Here we look at some of the current yacht design trends.

Yacht Building: New & Emerging Trends
  • Bigger is Better. The limits of yacht design are constantly being pushed in the new-build sector. 180 ft. (55m) was once considered large but is now standard, with 246 ft. (75m) being the new benchmark for 'large' classification. The increased volume and size of new build yachts creates design demands similar to those for land-building, with open-plan living and extra space becoming more important.
  • Superlative Silhouettes. Yachts are becoming more and more unique to their owners, resulting in a wave of unique silhouettes being produced. Jubilee, the star of last year's Monaco Yacht Show, is a perfect example, featuring eye-catching exterior lines and tall decks.
  • Let There be Light. Aluminium and steel will always be the preferred material choices for yacht construction but structural glass is allowing yacht architecture to reach new, more sophisticated heights. Larger windows increase the amount of natural light available within cabins and can give a much more aesthetically-pleasing finish either above or below the waterline.
  • Added Amenities. An increasingly popular demand when building new yachts is the incorporation of 'lifestyle elements', such as massage rooms, solaria, spas and saunas.
  • Increased Informality. This is a trend particularly in dining areas, where self-serve and dual-purpose pantry areas allow guests to help themselves without relying on extensive crew service.
  • Watersports. As yachts become ever larger, the possibility of storing 'water toys' increases. Design elements such as sliding, side-opening doors allows easy access to the water with such 'toys' as WaveRunners, jet skis, tenders and dive suits.

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