Port Services: Our Superlative Suite

Port Services: Our Superlative Suite

A massive 90% of global trade is facilitated by ocean-going vessels, according to figures released by the International Chamber of Shipping. At the beginning and end of each journey undertaken by such vessels is a port and, considering the vast amount of cargo that goes through ports, it is little wonder that they are such busy and complex working environments. 

Ports are staffed by a vast and diverse array of employees and each one of these individuals must have exactly the right skills and qualifications that enable them to fulfill their role. Ensuring that such employees have the required talents places a huge burden on those who are tasked with sourcing and integrating them but this burden of responsibility can be easily managed by Bachmann Group. 

Bachmann Group was established almost 50 years ago in 1974 and our range of marine services has been continually expanded in the intervening years. In 2006, we diversified to include port services, the design and delivery of which was informed by our decades of practical experience in the recruitment sector. 

The database of candidates that has been put together by Bachmann Group contains the details of thousands of individuals. When we have identified available roles, we scour the database to find the most suitable potential employees, drawing up a carefully-selected shortlist. Our team then screens and interviews those candidates who have made the shortlist, finally deciding on the best applicant for the role. Whether supplied on a permanent or temporary basis, successful applicants are then quickly and efficiently assimilated into existing team structures, ensuring that they can provide the best service within any port. 

Bachmann Group supplies port employees for a wide variety of roles, including managers, baggage handlers, stevedores, berthing controllers, lock-gate operators/­supervisors and crane operators. These are just some of the roles we can supply employees for and, as with all of our services, we operate in a bespoke manner and work closely with individual clients to meet their unique requirements. 

Whatever port services you require, Bachmann Group can provide them. Please visit the dedicated page on our website or get in touch with our team for further details. If you would like to receive the latest news from Bachmann Group, along with lots of other updates and special features, please subscribe to receive our regular email newsletter.

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