Reliable Recruitment: Fast, Fuss-Free Provision of Temporary Seafarers

Reliable Recruitment: Fast, Fuss-Free Provision of Temporary Seafarers

The maritime industry is extremely complex, requiring the skills of a vast and diverse array of employees in order to function in an effective, consistent manner. If one of these employees is suddenly unable to work due to illness or another emergency, it can cause serious problems for shipping operations. Finding temporary cover in such situations can be difficult but Bachmann Group can offer an immediate solution. 

Bachmann Recruitment was established over two decades ago in the summer of 2002. By investing high levels of time, resources and expertise into this arm of Bachmann Group, we have grown to become a global leader in the fields of marine training, recruitment and personnel management. At any one time, Bachmann Group employs and supplies at least 800 temporary seafarers to major shipping companies, helping to ensure that their operations can continue to run smoothly throughout staffing emergencies. 

Bachmann Recruitment boasts a database of more than 22,000 individuals, from which we can quickly and reliably source exactly the right candidate for any given role in the marine industries. Our clients can enjoy complete peace of mind in the knowledge that each and every candidate within our vast database has been fully screened and their references checked and validated. 

Before seamlessly placing seafarers into their temporary role within a company, we first ensure that they have valid, up-to-date certificates appropriate to their rank, including a current ENG1 or equivalent medical certificate. Our team can reliably prepare crew schedules in exact accordance with the unique parameters set by each individual client. The current and proposed movements of crew defined by these schedules are then communicated directly to the individual and the vessel they will be working from. 

The cost incurred by shipping companies when facilitating the travel required by temporary seafarers is kept to a minimum by Bachmann Group. Working closely with leading marine travel agency Polaris Travels, with whom we have been associated for many years, we are able to arrange for the very best travel rates without compromising on flexibility.  

If your shipping operation is in desperate need of a skilled, qualified and certified seafarer in an emergency or if you simply wish to find out more about our standard-setting marine recruitment service, please browse the Bachmann Group website or get in touch with our team. Get the latest news, updates and special features from our company direct to your email inbox by subscribing to our regular newsletter.

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