Recruit the Best Seafarers with Bachmann Group

Bachmann Group offer an extremely wide and diverse selection of services though there are several requests that feature repeatedly. One of these is the request from ship owners for assistance in supplying short- and medium-term crew members; this is often necessary during periods of crew shortage or illness but is sometimes needed just to take away the pressure of finding someone and then having to employ them.


The expert teams that make up Bachmann Group's staff have many years' experience in all aspects of the marine industry and one of our specialities is recruitment. With a deep understanding of the importance of recruiting the right seafarer for any vessel, we work with companies to ensure that their unique requirements are fully met.

Finding the right seafarer is a matter of simplicity for us here at Bachmann Group. Our database of potential crew members is growing all the time and currently contains details of over 22,000 skilled seafarers. After identifying the job role, we advertise the vacancy to this huge database and manage the responses for you.

All applicants are fully screened to ensure that they have both the necessary experience and certification required to undertake the job safely and successfully. When a potential candidate is identified and screened, we will then take care of the business of interviewing and reference checking, before arranging placement in your company.

Once crew members are placed, we can then arrange preparation of schedules and physical crew movement. Our skilled payroll staff then ensure the circulation of monthly pay slips. We can take care of literally everything or just certain aspects: it's completely up to you how much or how little we help.

Another speciality of Bachmann Group is the provision of statutory training and there are many courses available, some on a one-to-one basis. Full compliance with STCW is ensured throughout, giving you peace of mind that your seafarers are of the highest quality, no matter how long the job is for or how specialised the role.

During the entirety of your time working with Bachmann Group, you are able to get directly in touch with us for assistance of any kind. We will make sure that you get the most out of your experience, respecting your needs and guiding you through the intricacies of the marine industry in a smooth, effective and ultimately streamlined manner.

If you need quality seafarers for your vessel, or just want to discuss your options, then get in touch with us today.

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