Recruitment is Easy with Bachmann Group


Buying a boat, whether it is a small yacht or massive seagoing vessel, is never easy. But, if you think that selection process is difficult, wait until you have to recruit the staff for it! The recruitment process is typically a long and complex one and, even after all of your work, there are still no guarantees. Bachmann Group specialise in taking all of this hard work off your hands with our professional recruitment service which, like all services we offer, is tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Our recruitment service appropriately begins at the very beginning, identifying vacancies and making sure they are advertised to the proper audience; we maintain a database of skilled seafarers which is constantly updated. The applicants are carefully screened during close interviews and with reference checks, our emphasis on finding the best combination of experience and certification for the job. We arrange for successful applicants to be placed in your company smoothly and make sure that they all have up to date medical certificates.

Once successfully placed, we can begin preparing crew schedules according to client-led parameters; these are then efficiently communicated to vessels and individuals. Any travelling that needs to be done will be arranged, using the most cost-effective means of travel available and we will handle all of the booking arrangements through our carefully-chosen marine travel provider or directly online.

Things can become even more complex when it comes to paying employees and the payroll can be a notorious source of frustration to employee and vessel operator alike. Once again, Bachmann Group can competently carry out all functions and operations necessary in this regard. We work closely with a leading offshore employer to make sure that all aspects of IR49 are properly covered, ensuring compliance with NI and Income Tax regulations according to the nationality of the seafarer. We produce and issue payslips and keep an open line of communication with tax authorities.

There are lots of other aspects to our recruitment service so get in touch with us today for more information.

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