Total Crew Management from Bachmann


Working as a vessel operator is not an easy task and it is our mission here at Bachmann Group to take out as much of the hard work as we can. To this end, we deliver personnel management services that are tailored to exactly meet the unique, individual requirements of each company. Our Total Crew Management service is designed to deliver in each of the following areas:

  • Recruitment. Finding reliable, experienced staff members can be one of the most trying aspects of vessel operation. We can help with all aspects of recruitment, including identifying roles, advertising, screening of applicants, interviews and reference checks before completing placement.

  • Operations. This is a wide-reaching area and covers the identification of training requirements, monitoring of leave, arrangement of changes to crew, travel, arrangement of cover during leave/absence and the supply of uniforms and working gear.

  • Training. It is vital that crew members have the right skills for the job and we cover everything from the identification of training requirements and maintenance of records to the arrangement of courses and assessment of training establishments for quality and suitability

  • Medical. We can monitor medical status of crew members as well as arranging for medical examinations and helping to maintain drug/alcohol policies

  • Welfare. This is another broad aspect of vessel maintenance and can include anything from the maintenance of sickness records to compassionate leave and dealing with next of kin

  • Travel. Using marine airfares, we can make full arrangements for staff travel.

  • Employment Issues. This can include dealing with disciplinary and grievance procedures as well as promotions, resignations, appraisal and redundancy.

  • Administration. We offer a full personal records maintenance service and handle visa applications, certificate renewals and client liaisons.

These are the standard areas in which our Total Crew Management service operates but it is certainly not an exhaustive list. Every company has its own unique, individual requirements and it is in satisfying these that Bachmann Group really earns its stars. We specialise in delivering a totally tailored service to each and every client, working closely with them to identify and address each requirement in turn.

Call us today and experience our expertise for yourself; our expert team are standing by to offer advice, support and information.

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