From 1974 to 2018...

Although BachmannHR Group have been around for a long time, that certainly doesn’t mean that we have stopped evolving. Just like the very oceans which our company has been associated with since it was founded in 1974, we are in a constant state of motion and, though BachmannHR Group is a definite shipping stalwart, there has never been the faintest possibility of our becoming stagnant.

Moving with the times and indeed the tides is what has kept us at the head of our game for more than 4 decades. Never afraid to take the lead when it comes to embracing new methodologies and working practices, our forward-thinking strategies have inspired generations of seafarers and landlubbers alike to follow in our wake and, though many of these emulators are undoubtedly successful, the simple fact remains that experience and reputation cannot ever be imitated.

A lot changes in 40 years. One of the most fundamental changes in this time, for both BachmannHR Group as a corporate entity and human beings as a species, is the invention and subsequent globalisation of the internet. Just as the invention of television in the 20th century fundamentally altered the way humans perceive their world, so the internet did in the 21st. BachmannHR Group were among the vanguard of intelligent, foresighted companies that populated the web in its early days, back when dial up modems were the vogue and your connection was cut if somebody happened to call on the phone while you were online.

Present technology allows us to easily stream an amount of data that was unimaginable back then and BachmannHR Group have made full use of this fact to improve our working practice and expand our global reach, constantly gaining more and more experience as we go. Our services, which are many and varied, thus become more efficient and effective all the time, the better to serve our diverse range of clients. 

Our company now has a dedicated YouTube channel, which sits comfortably with our fully-integrated social media engagement and is just one of the more recent steps we have been taking for 40+ years. We invite you to view our selection of videos along with those of others that we have added to the channel that we feel to be relevant and interesting to our audience. You are also invited to join us on your preferred social media network.

In this maelstrom of modernity, you are guaranteed to still find the original BachmannHR Group’s old-fashioned core;  a dedication to impeccable customer relations combined with reliable, tried-tested-and-trusted services across the board. Like us, Share us, Join us. But most of all, Trust Us. We know what we’re talking, typing and texting about.

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